N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
Concourslaan 17
9727 KC Groningen

The Gasunie Building is one of the most famous buildings in Groningen. It was built as a headquarters for Gasunie and was officially opened on 22 April 1994 by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. The building has 18 floors and is 89 meters high, which makes it the second tallest building in Groningen after the Martinitoren. It is situated in the south of the city, on the edge of the Stadspark and right next to the main highways. It is also considered one of the most beautiful office buildings in the Netherlands.

The design of the building was developed by Alberts&Van Huut architects bureau and is considered to be a great example of 'organic building'. There are two distinct parts in the building: high-rise section with offices and low-rise section with meeting rooms and service facilities. One of the main features of the building is its unique stairwell with glass 'waterfall' which is 60 metres high and 40 metres wide. The floors of the building are visually linked by this glass wall, which creates a sense of unity and space. All the way up the main stairs are surrounded by, so called, hanging gardens.